AC Miracle Hill

Club Philosophy

Club Philosophy


To provide a community focused, family friendly soccer program that delivers technical, tactical and positional awareness for competitive players.


Develop and manage an environment where mistakes are viewed as a learning opportunity. Learning will be driven through the use of guided discovery questions where the players give us the answers rather than a coach’s direct commands. 

AC Miralce Hill see the game of soccer as an enjoyable problem solving game which challenges a participant’s mental strength; physical conditioning; psycho social awareness; cognitive thinking; technical skill; and tactical awarenes. The goal is to achieve a higher level of mastery in each of these areas for every player at AC Miracle Hill. Our beliefs include placing players at an appropriate level of play to allow growth and experiences that lead to player growth and development, on and off the field. 


AC Miracle Hill will use digital learning technologies in addition to traditional coaching educators to deliver the club’s philosophy of creating developmentally appropriate training so players learn to develop while making the learning experience challenging and enjoyable. Our USSF licensed coaches will use guided discovery educational techniques to instill a team culture and set team values that achieve a hard working, respectful, supportive,  focused, dedicated, developing leaders. Our empathetic coaches will share knowledge, patience and a love for the game to create a safe learning environment.

Play-Practice-Play Methodology

AC Miracle Hill coaching methodology follows an evidence based approach to skill acquisition and motor learning. While this may be different from traditional methods which may produce more immediate but short-term results, we focus on traning methods with proven effectiveness in the long term development of players.